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Down From Heaven Comes Eleven

And There's Hell to Pay Below

The Eleventh Doctor
Character: The Doctor
Series: Doctor Who
Version: The Eleventh Doctor, just after he tells Amelia Pond “five minutes"
Age: Over 900; the exact details are fuzzy, but he appears to be in his late twenties.
Gender: Male
Sexuality: I'm going to go with straight-leaning bisexual; however, he's generally uninterested (or doesn't notice)
Appearance: The Eleventh Doctor looks Time Lord – or human, depending on who you ask. He’s taller than his previous incarnation, albeit less lanky, and dresses in a more old-fashioned manner. He has an expressive face, with blue-green eyes that tend to crinkle and a mouth that’s usually upturned in the hint of a smile. He keeps his brown hair neatly cut and parted to one side and his face clean-shaven. Although he prefers to wear unconventional, old-fashioned clothing (tweed jackets and bow-ties, for example), when he lands, he will be in a raggedy blue shirt, a colorful tie and Cons.

Personality: A self-described “madman with a box,” the Eleventh Doctor is every bit as eccentric as his previous incarnations. As he’s fond of odd foods (such as fish sticks and custard – at the same time) and slightly anachronistic apparel along with the occasional odd phrase (“Who da man?!”), the Doctor is a distinctly quirky individual. He’s friendly as well as compassionate, capable of finding beauty and excitement nearly everywhere he goes – and he makes a point out of learning the names of everyone he meets. Although usually a cheerful person, bouncing from place to place (and time to time), he’s certainly capable of dark, even terrifying moods, most notably when things take a turn from bad to worse. Even so, he’s usually still able to maintain his temper… unless something truly terrible happens, in which case he begins raging, usually at those who caused the problem (“Nobody human has anything to say to
me today!”).

The Doctor sometimes acts rather older than he looks, having grown weary over long years of travel, and he very keenly feels the loss of being the last of his kind. He is prone to incredible loneliness and usually keeps this to himself, although he tends to take companions in an attempt to defuse this (much like his previous incarnations). He’s prone to rambling non-sequiturs (and, indeed, rambling in general) and general playfulness, even in his plans; for instance, he is capable of fooling Daleks with nothing more than a Jammie Dodger.

Abilities/Weaponry: Along with being a quick thinker, the Doctor has some telepathic abilities. He’s able to look into people’s minds by touching their faces (and, in return, they can look through his own), although if there are memories said people don’t want him to see, they can stop him by closing doors in their minds. (It’s unknown as to whether this provides a barrier to the Doctor, or if he respects life too much to simply cross the barriers without permission.) In addition to this, he can show others his own memories in a more accelerated manner by head-butting them, although this is disorienting to both parties. He’s also able to converse psychically with animals – or at least cats. The Doctor can also tell how old something is by taste and has an eidetic memory, which comes in handy when he’s making observations.

As a Time Lord, the Doctor possesses two hearts and the ability to regenerate into a new body thirteen times; this Doctor is on his eleventh regeneration. He possesses two hearts and a respiratory bypass system that lets him survive the vacuum of space without suffering from any ill effects (it must be noted, however, that he still needs to breathe). If required, the Doctor can go into a coma to heal himself (which lowers a Time Lord’s temperature below freezing), and even appear dead by stopping his hearts from beating for a time. He is also capable of shaking off some things that would kill a human, being largely unaffected by extreme heat or cold and even able to shake off electrical shocks to some extent, along with poisons (provided he has the right materials - proteins, something salty, and a shock of some kind – to do so).

In addition to all of this, the Doctor possesses a TARDIS – Time And Relative Dimension(s) In Space. The particular model that the Doctor possesses is a Type 40, generally considered to be obsolete. Although unreliable from time to time, it possesses the ability to travel through time and space as well as fly. It once had a chameleon circuit that allowed it to blend in with its surroundings, but that has long since broken, leaving it in the form of a British police box. As noted by many previous companions, it’s “bigger on the inside” than on the outside, with multiple rooms and levels.

Last, but certainly not least, the Doctor possesses a sonic screwdriver – which, in addition to acting like a regular screwdriver, is able to open any lock, send (and interfere with) signals, burn or cut things, amplifying sounds, disable certain devices and heal minor wounds, along with a number of other things – and psychic paper. This small, notebook-like object allows him to receive messages from people who are looking for him as well as appear as anything from a police license to the Pope’s I.D.

Weaknesses: The Doctor is more alien than his tenth incarnation, making it harder for him to relate to humanity and more easily fixating on their flaws. He’s prone to bouts of arrogance and smugness, and more easily looks to violence in very certain situations (such as when Daleks are involved) – but despite that, he’s generally even more pacifistic than his former self, not only disliking guns but weapons in general. He is sometimes callous and blunt, failing to take the feelings of others in being preoccupied in other matters (saving them or the place he happens to be in at the time). He also occasionally has trouble figuring out how people in the modern era act (for instance, greeting people by air-kisses on the cheek); perhaps a quirk of being so late in his regeneration cycle.

For all that he’s a Time Lord, he’s hardly invulnerable; although he's tougher than most humans (being able to fall several stories and land with no broken bones and only a few minor scrapes and bruises to show for it), he can still be wounded and even killed.

History: (SPOILERS) The Doctor has a long and complicated history, quite a bit of which is unknown. What is known is that he grew up on the beautiful world known as Gallifrey. While his true name isn’t known to anyone (except, a certain River Song), he eventually chose the name The Doctor, stole a TARDIS, and flew off into the unknowns of time and space, taking on various companions throughout his travels. These companions were always highly valued to the Doctor, who even grew to love some of them in the past. Ultimately, however, their time with him could never last, and they would depart (dying in some cases) for some reason or another, leaving him alone and often heartbroken.

Although Time Lords theoretically have the capacity to live forever, the Doctor, being reckless, had blown through many incarnations, currently being on his eleventh. He generally considered the sacrifice to be wholly worth it, though he ached and occasionally raged at them in the past. He also made several enemies over the years, from the xenophobic, genocidal Daleks to emotionless Cybermen to fellow Time Lords, the latter being a large part of what drove him to end the Time War, destroying his beloved home planet and killing countless others in the process. The most notable of his enemies, however, might just have been the Master, who remained his archenemy in most of his travels until he gave his life to save the Doctor, shortly before his latest regeneration. This has left the Doctor the last of his kind, a debilitating blow to one who so values people, but he kept going nonetheless and had no intentions of stopping any time soon. In spite of that,
he’s running out of regenerations, and he knows it.

After regenerating recently, he landed in 1996, making the acquaintance of one Amelia Pond and discovering his hatred for apples, yogurt, bacon, beans, and bread – and his love for fish sticks dipped in custard (much to the little girl’s disgust). In addition to this, he made the disturbing discovery of a crack in Amelia’s wall. “Two parts of time and space that should never have touched,” noted the Doctor, “pressed together.” A giant, sentient eyeball and a note on the psychic paper later and the crack had thankfully closed – but something was still wrong, something at the very edge of the Doctor’s gaze – the corner of his eye. Just as he was about to investigate, he realized the TARDIS was in danger, having heard the cloister bell. He rushed to the TARDIS, telling Amelia it would just be five minutes, simply a quick hop in time to stabilize the engines.

Unfortunately, something went wrong when the TARDIS dematerialized, because it and the Doctor ended up in Paixao.

Disclaimer: I do not own The Doctor or Doctor Who. That all belongs to the BBC and DW's creators, and I am making no profit from this. This journal is for entertainment purposes only.